Disney XD Plans “Herbie” Animated Series

Disney XD is reportedly developing a TV series based on the iconic anthropomorphic Volkswagen Beetle character Herbie the Love Bug.

The star of five films, a telemovie, and a short lived 1980s TV series, Herbie with his racing stripes and number 53 painted on the side was an icon of family entertainment throughout the 1970s.

Travis Braun (“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”) will reportedly write the possible series and will executive produce with Tom Burkhard and Matt Dearborn.

The series is reportedly looking for either a girl or a boy to play either Lili or Landon Reed who will serve as the main human character – a part scientist, part entrepreneur, part daredevil.

The character discovers that their missing parents have been part of a secret government project dealing with a talking car named Herbie. Criminals are on the trail of this secret project as well.

Source: TV Line