Disney & Warner Chiefs Tease Streaming Details

Disney Warner Chiefs Tease Streaming Details

As part of a major meeting with Disney shareholders today, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger teased a new detail about the upcoming Disney+ streaming service including some facts to whet the appetites of cinephiles everywhere.

Iger says the aim of the service is to eventually house the “entire Walt Disney motion picture library” including all the titles in the fabled Disney Vault saying: “the pictures that were in the vault will be on the service”.

This has led to the obvious post-meeting questions regarding what that means for controversial titles like “Song of the South” or classic but semi-obscure live-action titles like “Blackbeard’s Ghost,” “The World’s Greatest Athlete,” “Candleshoe,” “Condorman,” or “That Darn Cat”.

The comments come as Bob Greenblatt, WarnerMedia’s newly appointed chairman, has spoken with NBC News about their planned service and says there are no plans to dilute existing brands like HBO:

“The brands are going to stay the brands. We have the best television on earth, and that’s HBO. What we’re trying to do is preserve the quality and elegance of what HBO has been doing for 40 years and at the same time increase its output to a reasonable degree that doesn’t affect the quality and elegance and beauty”

He also used the opportunity to take a shot at rival Netflix, getting snarky about the streamer’s perceived lack of quality control:

“Netflix doesn’t have a brand. It’s just a place you go to get anything – it’s like Encyclopedia Britannica. That’s a great business model when you’re trying to reach as many people on the planet as you can.”

Both services have yet to fully unveil their plans, or most importantly their pricing.

Source: Reddit & NBC News