Disney To Use Geena Davis’ Bias Checker

Disney To Use Geena Davis Bias Checker

Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis and her research-based organization ‘Institute on Gender in Media’ has reportedly developed a new digital tool dubbed ‘GD-IQ’ which uses artificial intelligence to check scripts for gender bias says THR.

The company’s aim is to educate content creators, marketers, and audiences about the importance of eliminating unconscious bias in entertainment and The Walt Disney Company has agreed to use it to assess all of its upcoming film and TV projects.

The machine learning program analyses a script’s text to determine its number of male and female characters and whether they are representative of the real population at large. Davis said in her keynote speech in New Zealand:

“Nearly every sector of our society has a huge gender disparity, particularly in leadership positions, so how long is it going to take to correct that, to reach parity? No matter how hard we work, we can’t snap our fingers and suddenly half the corporate boards are women. It’s going to take a long time to make some of these changes.

But here’s my theory of change. There’s one category of gross gender inequality where the underrepresentation of women can be fixed absolutely overnight – and it’s onscreen. The very next project somebody makes – the next movie, TV show – can be gender-balanced. We can make this change happen very fast. In the time it takes to create a new show or a new film, we can present a whole new vision of the future.”

The technology also can discern the numbers of characters who are people of color, LGBTQI, possess disabilities or belong to other groups typically underrepresented and failed by Hollywood storytelling.