Disney To Reboot “Rocketeer” Franchise

Disney Pictures is reportedly developing a reboot of Joe Johnston’s 1991’s period adventure film “The Rocketeer” says Vulture.

The 30’s-set original followed a racing pilot (Billy Campbell) who discovers a rocket-pack prototype having been hidden inside his stunt plane by gangsters. Timothy Dalton played the villain, Alan Arkin his confidant/mentor, and Jennifer Connelly the love interest.

A famed high profile flop on its release, the comic adaptation has earned a solid fan base over the past two decades and bears more than a few similarities to Marvel’s “Iron Man” cash cow.

Johnston’s work on ‘Rocketeer’ had a big impact on both his initial hiring and the earnest old-fashioned tone of “Captain America: The First Avenger”.

Disney will reportedly be meeting with various writers to come up with a take on the property, but the news has already caused a stir online with many asking why in the world Disney’s new studio chief Alan Horn is rebooting this particular property and what else will soon follow.