Disney+ To Have Classic Marvel Cartoons?

Disney To Have Classic Marvel Cartoons

Yesterday came the news that the Disney+ streaming service has gone live in the Netherlands as part of a two-month trial ahead of its main launch.

Now, as users have been digging into the pilot version of the service, Dutch Disney fans have made some interesting discoveries. Radio Times reports that a bunch of classic Marvel Animation series will be on the service.

These include classic Marvel cartoons like “Spider-Woman” (1979), “Spider-Man” (1981), “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” (1982), “X-Men” (1992), “Iron Man” (1994), “Fantastic Four” (1994), “Spider-Man” (1996), “Incredible Hulk” (1996), “Silver Surfer” (1998) and “Spider-Man Unlimited” (1999).

There are some omissions not listed on the service, notably “X-Men Evolution” and “Spectacular Spider-Man”. However as has been indicated, the Disney+ service is expected to carry slightly different content and TV shows depending on which region you’re watching in.

Expect more in coming days about what surprise titles are also being included.