Disney+ To Be Available As A Hulu Add-On

Disney To Be Available As A Hulu Add On

Disney launches its Disney+ streaming service in November, the new service costing $7 per month and offering a bunch of costly original programming including “The Mandalorian” and numerous Marvel limited series along with original films and more.

Disney has also effectively taken over Hulu at this point, the Mouse House expected to use the existing streaming giant for programs unsuitable for the more kid-friendly leanings of the Disney+ service.

Now, Hulu Senior Vice President of Originals Craig Erwich has confirmed that Disney+ will be offered as an add-on for Hulu subscribers, joining other premium add-ons to Hulu such as HBO and CBS All Access.

Thus, existing Hulu users will be able to simply add another service onto their monthly bill and the content will be made available to them via Hulu, rather than as a standalone subscription. It’s unclear at the present time if Disney will offer any kind of a discount for bundling with Hulu.

Source: Slashfilm