Disney Takes “Avengers” From Paramount

When Disney purchased Marvel for a whopping $4 billion, that deal didn’t include several films the latter had previously setup under their agreement with Paramount Pictures.

Now according to Reuters, Disney has forked over a minimum of $115 million to Paramount for the worldwide marketing and distribution rights to two upcoming Marvel films – “The Avengers” in Summer 2012, and “Iron Man 3” which has just announced a May 3rd 2013 release.

The move is not unexpected as it gives the Mouse House control and ownership of Marvel sooner than anticipated, and even though the box office performance of said films could push that tally higher – it’s expected Disney would more than break even on the arrangement.

Paramount will remain as worldwide distributor of next year’s two Marvel tentpoles – “Thor” and “Captain America.”

Speaking of “The Avengers”, Spidermedia has posted concept art from the film – namely S.H.I.E.L.D.’s infamous Helicarrier.