Disney+ Still Isn’t Impacting Other SVODs

Disney Still Isnt Impacting Other Svods

Two weeks on from its debut, and not only is the Disney+ streaming service exceeding all expectations, but that success is not having a chilling effect on the competition as some had predicted.

App-analytics researcher Apptopia reports that from November 12th-24th, the Disney Plus mobile app for iOS and Android was downloaded an estimated 15.5 million times (86% of which were in the U.S.). That averages nearly 1.2 million per day over that period.

On the day after launch, Disney announced it had drawn 10 million ‘sign-ups’ (which differs from paid subscribers) while Apptopia’s estimate for the same day was 3.2 million app downloads – a number consistent with mobile vs. living room dynamics (ie. the mobile audience being one-third of the overall).

Apptopia also says the Disney+ user base is making use of the app with 25.6 million viewing sessions per day over the prior week.

U.S. data for rivals like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Now are unaffected by Disney+ with “download and user session trends uninterrupted from their trend lines.” One exception is Disney’s partners Hulu and ESPN+, which have seen an increase of over 50% in downloads compared to the thirteen days prior to the Disney+ launch.

Disney has no plans to release more subscriber figures until its next quarterly earnings calls which comes in February. One thing that has been restored today though is the ‘continue watching’ capability which had disabled due to glitches in the early hours after launch.

Disney+ has ranked as the No. 1 overall free app in the U.S. on Apple’s App Store and Google Play since launch and has generated $5 million through in-app purchases so far, sending Disney stock to new heights today. Even so, there’s no independent verification of Disney’s published numbers so far and thus no way at present to determine the actual number of paid subscribers.

Source: Variety