Disney Screens Fifth “Pirates” For Exhibitors

Two months out from opening, Disney screened “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” in full on Tuesday for exhibitors, and the response has been quite upbeat.

The studio didn’t have to show much at its CinemaCon presentation. The studio’s record year of $7.6 billion worldwide and the $700 million so far that the live-action “Beauty and the Beast” has taken means exhibitors are frankly on bended knee ready to take whatever the Mouse House feeds them.

Even so, screening ‘Pirates’ was a risk considering the first film remains the only beloved one of the franchise. With this serving as the fifth, and given plenty of time to percolate, the hope was the series would get try and recapture the fun adventure tone (with heart) of the original – especially after the creatively bankrupt fourth film.

It looks like they may have succeeded. Here’s some of the reactions:

“Pirates 5 is definitely the best one since the first. Admittedly, that isn’t saying much but it does occasionally capture that magic.” – Germain Lussier

“Thing I liked most about #PiratesoftheCaribbean is it felt the most like the first movie, which is my personal favorite. Strong finale.” – Erik Davis

“You might be surprised to hear me say this but I really dug the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Action set pieces are a lot of fun… Also the action scenes are really well staged and easy to follow. So much better than the last one. #PiratesoftheCaribbean.” – Steve Weintraub

“The new Pirates of the Caribbean is a big step up from the lifeless 4. Back to the fun myth building, still miss Verbinski’s imprint.” – Eric Vespe

“Fans of #PiratesoftheCaribbean will not be disappointed. Pirates 5 is a very fun, action packed adventure w subtle nods to the ride itself.” – Yolanda Machado

“New “Pirates of the Caribbean” has good pacing, solid action and a menacing villain in Javier Bardem.” – Sean P. Means

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is a pleasant surprise. Continues the legacy, focuses on the characters and the world..” – Peter Sciretta

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is slated to open in cinemas May 26th.