Disney Plans A “Don Quixote” Movie

Disney Pictures is developing a new film adaptation of Miguel de Cervantes’ classic Spanish novel “Don Quixote” with Billy Ray (“The Hunger Games,” “Captain Phillips”) attached to pen the script.

The 1605 novel tells the story told of a lower-class aristocrat named Alanso Quixano who, after reading too many novels about chivalry, loses his sanity and comes to believe that knights, maidens and dragons exist for real.

Making a portly neighbor his squire, the man refashions himself a knight named Don Quixote and sets off on a quest for adventure. Innkeepers become lords, windmills become dragons, and peasant girls become ladies-in-waiting to him as he and his servant find themselves in situations that are often comical, disastrous, and violent.

Sources say the plan is to adapt the work in a tone akin to the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies. Ray and Gordon Gray (“The Rookie,” “Million Dollar Arm”) are producing.

Source: Heat Vision