Disney Opens The “Museum of the Weird”

Walt Disney Studios will turn yet another theme park ride, this time the “The Museum of the Weird”, into a possible big screen franchise reports The Los Angeles Times.

The key difference this time is the ‘Museum’ ride didn’t actually get off the ground. Walt himself fell in love with the concept back in the 60’s, a place that would “showcase ghostly organists, magical carts, talking chairs and other surreal and odd exhibits”. The museum was meant to sit adjacent to ‘The Haunted Mansion’, complete with its own restaurant.

Of course it didn’t end up getting made, but the concept hung around and now Ahmet Zappa has been hired to pen a “Night at the Museum” script using ideas created for the original exhibit. An actual attraction will also be built inside Disneyland once the movie is completed and out in theatres likely around 2014 or 2015.