Disney Moves “Star Wars” Comics To Marvel

In one of the least surprising announcements of ‘corporate synergy’ you’ll ever hear, Lucasfilm have confirmed that, beginning in 2015, Marvel Entertainment will be granted exclusive rights to “Star Wars” comics and graphic novels.

This marks the first time in over two decades that the license has moved away from Dark Horse Comics. Marvel published the first “Star Wars” comic back in March 1977, and went on to publish a monthly comic based on the franchise for nine years.

Marvel publisher and president Dan Buckley says: “We here at Marvel could not be more excited to continue the publication of Star Wars comic books and graphic novels. The perennial brand of Star Wars is one of the most iconic in entertainment history, and we are honored to have the opportunity to bring our creative talent pool to continue and expand Star Wars into galaxies far, far away.”

Dark Horse Comics founder Mike Richardson says “2014 may be our last year at the helm of the Star Wars comics franchise, but we plan to make it a memorable one. We know that fans of the franchise will expect no less. The Force is with us still.”

Speaking of Star Wars, Nacho Punch has created a satirical trailer for a disturbingly possible 1980s anime spin on the franchise. The short trailer reimagines the original trilogy as if it were Saturday morning cartoon – one overly informed by similar series of the time (eg. Voltron).