Disney+ Launches Test In Netherlands

Disney Launches Test In Netherlands

While the upcoming Disney+ streaming service won’t launch in the United States until November 12th, viewers over in the Netherlands are getting to test out the new service via an early two-month free trial which is now available and runs through until the launch date.

Various reviews and videos of the service in action have gone online, the interface confirmed to be very much akin to the Apple TV interface but with a Netflix-style side pop-out menu. The Verge has done an in-depth review and agreed with a previous reviewer who called it “empty but elegant” and “compared to Netflix, there just isn’t much content here.” Very few Fox titles are on there for the trial.

On the upside they do say what’s there is very easy to find and they highly approve of the interface and the “home page conveniently sorts content for all the Disney+ sections into a number of useful categories like Hit Movies, Out of the Vault classics, Musicals, and Documentaries.” There is even a Princess and Fairy Tales section.

There’s also a 4K Ultra HD and HDR section which currently has only 17 titles – several of which are Marvel and Star Wars films (all available on 4K disc) along with a few recent Disney live-action and animated titles. Seven viewer profiles can be created including ones with a Kids status, while things like handoffs between devices, AirPlay, and offline playback all worked fine with no bugs or buffering detected.