Disney “Jungle Cruise” Still Being Tweaked

Recently a rumored synopsis for Disney’s film adaptation of their Disneyland ride “Jungle Cruise” went online and then was taken down. It wasn’t quite clear why at the time, but now it has been revealed that said leaked synopsis was very much incorrect.

In fact the film’s star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has himself cleared things up in a posting on Instagram where he’s revealed that this week he’s been in behind-the-scenes production meetings for “Jungle Cruise” and indicates they’re still adjusting and refining the story. Johnson says:

“Kicked off the week strong at Disney Studios with these talented cowboys as we refine story and character for our movie next up: JUNGLE CRUISE. The guy I’m talking to is our writer, Michael Green who was just nominated for an Academy Award for writing LOGAN. He, unfortunately, didn’t win, but he did start this meeting by throwing cookies across the room screaming, ‘You want our Jungle Cruise? I’ll give you your Jungle Cruise!’ Good start.”

Emily Blunt co-stars in the film which doesn’t yet have a release date though it has previously been indicated it hopes to start production this year.