Disney Infinity’s Scrapped Plans Revealed

Disney’s cancellation of its toy-centric Disney Infinity series this past week was a bit of a head scratcher, especially as a new report on Kotaku has revealed what the company had in store for the future.

The site says developers were planning numerous new level packs, including one based on this Fall’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” as well as a new line of twelve-inch figures.

Plans were also in the works for the 2017 release of Disney Infinity 4.0 which would include a long-awaited story mode that would have intertwined the adventures of characters from the series’ disparate Star Wars, Marvel and Disney universes. You could’ve literally “played as Elsa running through Tatooine” as one source for the report says.

The report also indicates that Infinity’s demise was less due to game quality than it was miscalculations in toy manufacturing. The first Infinity had a major shortage of toys and so they overproduced on the second batch with plenty of toys going unsold.

You can read the full report over at Kotaku.com