Disney-Fox Deal Announcing Thursday?

CNBC reports that 21st Century Fox and Disney are on a ‘glide path’ with a deal announcement expected on Thursday this week.

Comcast dropped its bid for the majority of Fox on Monday, leaving Disney the sole suitor for the Murdoch-owned studio’s film and selected TV assets with an unconfirmed valuation sitting above $60 billion.

Current Fox shareholders are set to get one share of the company that remains after the movie and television assets are sold, plus shares of Disney in a fixed exchange ratio.

One key question that has come up is the “Fantastic Four” franchise with talk this week that Constantin Films, who partnered-up with Fox on the previous films, retains the production rights to the franchise (but not the distribution rights) and so it’s unclear if they would partner again with Disney, sit on them, or sell them outright. The company has yet to comment on the matter.

Source: CNBC