Disney Considers Live-Action “Aladdin” Sequel

Aladdin Tracking For 85 115m Opening

Before it opened in May, Guy Ritchie’s live-action “Aladdin” remake for Disney was looking like it was going to be one of the Mouse House’s few flops.

Instead, it was Tim Burton’s “Dumbo” that bombed while “Aladdin” drew decent reviews and has made over a billion at the box-office. That makes “Aladdin” the second highest-grossing of its live-action remakes, behind only Bill Condon’s “Beauty and the Beast”.

Jon Favreau’s “The Lion King” has since eclipsed them both with $1.337 billion worldwide in just four weeks to become Disney biggest non-Marvel/Lucasfilm feature. However it is an animated feature, not a live-action one despite Disney labelling it as such, and thus it doesn’t/shouldn’t qualify.

In any case, it comes as little surprise that sequel talk has been floated. Speaking with ComicBook.com this week, producer Dan Lin says the studio is currently exploring the possibility:

“We certainly, when we first made the movie, wanted to just make the best movie we could and let audiences tell us if they wanted to see more. And I would say resoundingly audiences want to see more. They’ve watched this movie multiple times. We have lots of fan letters about people who really go back and they bring their friends and bring their family. And so we feel like there’s more story to tell.

We are going to treat it the same way we treat the original Aladdin movie and not going to do a shot by shot remake of anything that’s been done before. We’re really looking at what’s been done before in the past and the home video, and there’s just more story to tell with the underlying materials. So without giving away too much, we are certainly exploring where we can go with this franchise.”

The original 1992 animated film spawned two bad direct-to-video sequels – “The Return of Jafar” and “Aladdin and the King of Thieves”.