Disney Closes Zemeckis’ ImageMovers

Walt Disney Studios will close down Robert Zemeckis’s ImageMovers Digital studio by next January to save costs reports The AFP.

Zemeckis formed ImageMovers back in 1997 and with it produced several films including “What Lies Beneath,” “Cast Away,” “Matchstick Men,” “The Polar Express” and “Beowulf”. In 2007 ImageMovers was shut down and renamed ImageMovers Digital when it was bought by The Walt Disney Company.

The first IMD film however, last year’s $200 million mo-cap adaptation of “A Christmas Carol”, failed to generate the sort of profits that Disney wanted. Combined with the global economic meltdown and films like “Avatar” using more advanced technology in this field and scoring much bigger dividends for it, the company just “no longer fits into our business model” said Disney Studios president Alan Bergman.

The studio will wind down over the course of the year as production is completed on “Mars Needs Moms”. The company still wants to develop a long-term production deal with Zemeckis and his IMD partners however which would include the planned 3D remake of the Beatles 60’s animated classic “Yellow Submarine”.