“Discovery” Producers Talk S2 Timeline

As part of this past weekend’s WonderCon at the Anaheim Convention Centre, one of the various panels dealt with “Star Trek: Discovery” with showrunners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts and several other key crew on hand to talk the show.

The series has been set in the same ‘Prime Universe’ timeline as that of the original and spin-off series, as opposed to the ‘Kelvin Universe’ timeline of the Abrams films. However, aesthetically it is incongruous to the rest of the franchise. Harberts was asked about this and says an explanation is coming:

“The idea was to always be in the Prime Timeline. Obviously, there are questions and concerns and things that are different. Our technology is a little different. We have a ship that runs very differently. We are our own show in a lot of ways. Season two is really exciting for us. This is our opportunity to really show how Discovery fits into this Prime Timeline. We are firmly committed to that.”

That, of course, will be put to the test early on as the first season ended with the ship receiving a hail from Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise who, chronologically in Trek lore, was finishing his first five-year mission in the show’s current setting of 2256. Asked if we’ll see uniforms more in line with the original series, Harberts says: “We meet up with the Enterprise at the end of the season and we know what kind of uniforms they wear… so we’ll leave it at that.”

A deleted scene from the finale was also shown, and put online, which has Alan Van Sprang playing a member of the clandestine Section 31 organization which serves the best interest of humanity no matter the cost and aims to recruit Georgiou. It also confirmed the black badges seen in the first season on some crew members were for those belonging to Section 31.

“Star Trek: Discovery” has yet to set a potential second season air date.

Source: CinemaBlend