“Discovery” Inspired By Trek Ep ‘Terror’

When people are asked to list their favorite classic episodes of the original “Star Trek” 1960s TV series, three often show up at or near the top of those lists – the time travel tale “City on the Edge of Forever,” the ‘Wrath of Khan’ precursor “Space Seed,” and the introduction of the Romulans in “Balance of Terror”.

It’s the latter that is apparently serving as a “touchstone” for the Bryan Fuller-produced “Star Trek: Discovery” series according to Fuller himself on Twitter today. Set ten years before the original “Star Trek,” the aim is to explore new corners of the Trek universe and Fuller has previously said the show will deal with a key event referred to but not seen on screen before in the franchise.

‘Terror’ revealed that Earth and the Romulan Empire had been locked into an uneasy peace for nearly a century following a devastating war, a war in which neither side saw the faces of the enemy they were fighting and was a key influence in the formation of Starfleet.

“Star Trek: Discovery” premieres on CBS’ All Access streaming service in January.