Directors: Gilliam, Hallstrom, Smith, Campbell

“Terry Gilliam says he’s “dredging up an old script – the one Richard LaGravenese and I wrote years ago… The Defective Detective. And we are just snooping around to see if there is any way we can move that one forward…” (full details)

“Swedish director Lasse Hallstrom has confirmed that both he and actress Rachel Weisz have bowed out of the Nicole Kidman-led transgender drama “The Danish Girl”…” (full details)

“”Severance” and “Black Death” writer/director Chris Smith is writing and likely directing an as-yet-unnamed Christmas film for Scott Free…” (full details)

“While he may have directed the upcoming first movie, helmer Martin Campbell says he won’t be returning if they do “Green Lantern” sequels…” (full details)