Directors Ditch “Akira” Remake & “Uncharted”

First Keanu Reeves jumped ship, now long-attached director Albert Hughes (“The Book of Eli”) is also exiting the live-action “Akira” remake at Warner Bros. Pictures reports Deadline.

Sources say the split comes down to “amicable creative differences” and the studio will try to put him on another movie right away.

At the time of Reeves’ departure, a studio spokesperson said “Production on ‘Akira’ has not halted or been shut down, as the film has not yet been greenlit and is still very much in the development stage.” With Hughes’ departure now, one wonders if that’s still the case.

Meanwhile Variety reports that David O. Russell, who was set to write and produce the film adaptation of best-selling videogame series “Uncharted” has left that project .

His split is also being put down to “creative differences”. The film was one of several on Russell’s plate and in interviews about it, his answers seemed to indicate he’d barely played the game at all and the film he was developing bore little resemblance to the property.