Director On “Dracula Untold 2” Possibilites

Reviews were decidedly weak for Universal’s “Dracula Untold” this past weekend. A strange hybrid that bears no real relation to author Bram Stoker’s character, the film opted for an action fantasy spin on real life 15th century Romanian ruler Vlad III who himself partly inspired Stoker’s creation.

Yet it also serves as the opening salvo in something more ambitious, Universal’s proposed on screen team-up of its classic monsters range. In essence, Luke Evans’ Vlad Tepes/Dracula is this supernatural cinematic universe’s equivalent of Tony Stark/Iron Man – albeit with a lot less snark and a lot more brooding.

Audiences, especially in global markets, checked it out “Dracula Untold” as the film opened to a so-so $23 million domestically and a more impressive $62 million internationally. ‘Untold’ was a costly venture though, and eyes will be following its box-office closely in coming weeks to see whether audiences are interested in either a potential monster mash-up, or further stories involving the vampire.

Appearing at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, director Gary Shore spoke with Screen Rant about sequel possibilities and discussed what they’d like to do if they were to go forward:

“Personally, if I was to approach it again, I’d love to be able to explore something in between 1460s and modern day. There’s loads of history within Europe that you could just do something that we haven’t seen with a Dracula film.

[Dracula Untold] doesn’t limit the scope or the possibilities of where you could go with the Dracula story, because it’s just over 450 years between what happens in Dracula Untold and what happened in Bram Stoker’s novel, and another 114 year or so after for a modern day take.

I mean the idea of doing the Dracula Untold thing is because it is divorced from Bram Stoker’s novel. It’s the beginning seeds to be able to get the character there. If an audience really digs this and they go out and they enjoy the film, the next step obviously would be to take that character and start really delving into the true darkness of who Dracula is. Because when we find him in Bram Stoker’s novel, this is a tortured guy who’s been kept alive for hundreds of years. It’s perfectly set up to be able to try to explore.

You might be able to stay in the present or move… I’d love to see a version where you could flip between the past and explore different parts in history.