Director Defends Missing Flight 370 Film

Director Rupesh Paul says “Vanishing Act,” his upcoming film about missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, will work as a standalone thriller no matter what happens in real life.

Paul tells THR that the film will not affect any passengers’ families: “Our movie is a thriller. It will not be based on stupid things. There will not be a [gun] and there will not be any aliens. The controversy will help indirectly, but we are not cashing in on the flight.”

Despite the subject matter, Paul says there is a market for the film: “People do not want a documentary, they want a thriller. Why should I make a movie on anything that does not attract people?”. The plan is to have the movie ready for a theatrical release in the Fall.

MH370 vanished without a trace on March 8th with 239 people onboard, despite a thorough search there is still no indication as to what really happened.