Dimension Sets Fourth “Scream,” “Spy Kids”

Despite seemingly finishing up last decade, Dimension Films is moving forward with fourth entries in two of their biggest franchises.

Yesterday the company announced an April 12th 2011 release date for “Scream 4”, a sequel to Wes Craven’s horror-comedy franchise that will include surviving characters and fresh ones. Craven is confirmed to be returning and shooting will kick off in the Spring.

Today however came the surprising news that Dimension is also planning a fourth film in Robert Rodriguez’s “Spy Kids” family franchise entitled “Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World”.

That film has set a August 19th 2011 release date and will serve as a ‘reboot’ rather than a sequel with all new kids in tow said the filmmaker in a SXSW interview with Cinematical .

Shooting kicks off early next year and will likely serve as Rodriguez’s next project. The director also confirmed that he’s ditched plans to do a live-action version of classic sci-fi cartoon “The Jetsons”.