Dimension Loses The “Halloween” Franchise?

In surprising news, Dimension Films has reportedly lost the rights to the “Halloween” franchise with Miramax Films said to be shopping the rights around.

Bloody Disgusting broke the news with the story catching many off guard. At last report, Dimension was teaming with Trancas International Films on a project titled “Halloween Returns” which would’ve been helmed by Marcus Dunstan who co-wrote the project with his longtime collaborator Patrick Melton. Together they helped bring the final four films in the “Saw” franchise to the screen.

‘Returns’ obviously never came together and The Wrap adds that Dunstan and Melton are no longer involved with wanting a clean break from Dimension and the projects in development there. Malek Akkad remains on board to produce the next film in the series regardless of where the rights wind up.

The “Halloween” franchise has resided at the Weinstein-owned Dimension since 1995 with the company having produced five films in the franchise including “Halloween H20: 20 Years Later” and the Rob Zombie-directed remake.