Dillon, Fraser, Robinson Get “Freaky”

Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Craig Robinson are attached to star in crime thriller “Freaky Deaky” reports Variety.

Dillon will play Chris Mankowski, an LAPD bomb squad officer who stumbles upon a plot by two former hippie activists who plan to use their bomb-making skills to trick an alcoholic movie mogul (William H. Macy) into handing over millions of dollars.

Fraser plays Skip Gibbs, one of the activists who has become a Hollywood pyrotechnics artist and demolition expert. Robinson will play Donnell Lewis, a former Black Panther turned capitalist who serves as the mogul’s assistant.

Charles Matthau both penned and directs this adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel. Matthau is changing the setting from late 80’s Detroit to 1974. Shooting begins this June in Michigan.