Dignity Announce “Spy,” “Jobs,”‘ “Throat”

Dignity Film Finance has unveiled at Cannes the various films it is putting into production – one of which is “Jobs”, the biopic of Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher reports Variety.

Another is the rom-com “Closer to Fine” which Joshua Michael Stern (“Swing Vote”) is directing based on his screenplay.

The story follows a small-town lifestyle guru who is kidnapped and blackmailed into planning a wedding for a down-on-their-luck Southern family.

Then there’s “Bone in the Throat,” an adaptation of Anthony Bourdain’s novel of the same name which Graham Henman is directing and Mark Townsend is writing.

The story is a “Prizzi’s Honor” style Mafia caper tale about a Manhattan up-and-coming chef who unwittingly finds himself a partner in big-time crime.

Finally Herve Renoh is helming their buddy-style actioner “Spy Vs. Stu”.