Diesel Responds To Rodriguez’s “Furious” Post

Earlier this week, actress Michelle Rodriguez offered up an opinion piece on social media about the state of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise. More specifically it was about its handling of women and how their characters often lacked the screen time for proper development or conversations with each other.

What really raised eyebrows though was her threatening to quit the franchise if changes weren’t made. So, over the weekend, she and her co-star Vin Diesel took to social media again to address the recent controversy with a video.

In the text of the post, Diesel essentially agrees with Rodriguez about the state of the franchise and says a goal with the in-development ninth film is to achieve a higher standard. F. Gary Gray, who helmed this year’s eighth entry “The Fate of the Furious,” has also spoken about this with Business Insider and feels his film did a good job and boasted a “strong representation of women”.

Two more “Fast and Furious” films are in the works with the ninth entry tipped to open in cinemas on April 19th 2019.

Source: Instagram