Die Hard Nabs $9.1M Opening Day

One good bit of news is that Fox’s turning of the “Die Hard” franchise into a PG-13 effort hasn’t yielded the extra rewards that it was hoping for – and thus will hopefully put the kabosh on other studios considering similar ideas.

The moderately well-reviewed “Live Free or Die Hard” took in $9.1 million on its opening day yesterday (including Tuesday night previews), a solid but relatively quiet debut that slots it in between “Cats & Dogs” and “Legally Blonde 2” as the 27th highest Wednesday opening of all time.

Both those films went on to make just over $20 million on their first weekend (ironically enough the last “Die Hard” film had a $22 million opening weekend in 1995), around $35-40 million in their first five days, and garnered just over $90 million in total. The previous three “Die Hard” films have all hovered between $83-117 million domestic totals, and despite higher ticket prices it’s looking likely that this one will fall into that range as well.

The big question will be foreign box-office with the first film’s international take just over half the domestic tally, yet by the third film the foreign cume was nearly triple that of the domestic haul. The very jingo-istic tone of the advertisements and July 4th angles of the film’s storyline itself may have a negative impact on that front which is why international marketing has downplayed those aspects as much as possible.