Dickens Raves Over “Deadwood” Telemovie Script

The script is done, the actors are keen and have a window in their schedule, and now the ball is in HBO’s court as to the fate of the “Deadwood” telemovie according to two former cast mates.

David Milch’s long-gestating follow-up and ‘end’ to his prematurely cancelled western series has been in development for years and seemed to take a big step forward with script delivered to HBO months ago. A week ago Al Swearengen himself, Ian McShane, said: “HBO are quite keen to make it. They’ve got the script. It’s when they’ll make an offer and when we can fit it in”.

Now, speaking with Vox, Kim Dickens (who played Joanie Stubbs) confirms she’s read the script: “I loved [the script] … It brought tears to my eyes just to hear those voices again, so perfectly. It was funny at times and sad and painful and beautiful, really beautiful.” As for HBO she says: “It’s in their hands now.”

Milch has been brought in to help out with the third season of HBO’s “True Detective” so how that will impact his schedule is unclear.