DiCaprio To Produce Volkswagen Scandal Film

Leonardo DiCaprio and his producing partner Jennifer Davisson have come on board to produce a film about the Volkswagen clean diesel scandal for Paramount Pictures. No actors or director are yet attached.

Paramount has acquired movie rights to Jack Ewing’s upcoming book which explores how the company placed illegal software in their clean diesel cars that could tell when a car was being tested for fuel emissions.

Said software would turn on the emissions control to cheat the test and meet EPA standards, but in normal driving conditions, when the emission control software was shut off, it resulted in as much as 40 times more pollution than allowed by law.

Volkswagen is currently facing up to $18 billion in fines from the U.S. EPA, along with seeing its stock price tumble, its reputation damaged and the entire future of the German automotive industry called into question.

Source: Variety