DiCaprio, Smith, Raimi, Cody Updates

The latest issue of Production Weekly has proven surprisingly full of some new casting and producing links. Like all listings though, these are names merely attached to said projects and often a long way from being locked in.

First up, Leonardo DiCaprio is looking to produce a reboot of the classic 1983 cult feature “WarGames”. Last year MGM released a highly panned direct-to-dvd sequel subtitled ‘The Dead Code’.

“Spider-man” helmer Sam Raimi is tipped to be producing an English-language remake of Asian epic “House of the Flying Daggers”.

Will Smith may star in the family film “Monster Hunter” about a child psychiatrist who can actually see and does battle with the monsters in children’s closets. Smith was previously attached as producer and Kevin James (“Hitch”) was set to star.

Finally Diablo Cody and Mason Novick are producing a big screen adaptation of S. G Browne’s upcoming darkly comedic novel “Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament”. Geoff LaTulippe (“Going the Distance”) will adapt the story of a recently deceased everyman, shunned by his friends and family due to his new zombie status, who finds himself in love with a sexy recent suicide and friends with a car crash victim.