DiBonaventura Talks “Dead Rising” Digital Series

“Transformers” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura recently spoke about the recently announced “digital series” based on the popular “Dead Rising” video game franchise which Legendary Digital Media is producing.

He says the aim of the adaptation will be to keep the tone of the game – both the exciting zombie apocalypse action, and the healthy dose of humour it has that’s often absent in the genre. He tells Collider:

“What’s great about it, I think, is it has a sense of humor and a sense of stakes. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I love it, but it’s not all that funny. And that’s what makes it work, is that attitude… What’s great about Dead Rising is I think it’s the combination of the comedy and the sort of self-awareness that it has. There’s a sort of, I won’t say a wink because that sounds a little camp, it’s not that, it takes itself seriously but somehow combines comedy into it.”

Filmmakers are reportedly still under consideration for this web series as the project is still in its nascent stages.