Diane English On Fear of Flying

“The Women” director Diane English tells MTV News that her next movie is going to be an adaptation of Erica Jong’s 1973 bestseller “Fear of Flying”.

The story follows Isadora Zelda White Stollerman Wing as she makes her way through Vienna, sleeping with pretty much every man she meets and coining the phrase “zipless f**k”.

The book resonated with women who felt stuck in unfulfilled marriages and has sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

“It’s kind of the original ‘Sex and the City’. It’s a really bawdy, funny, hard R – it’s a hard R rating.”

English revealed that her version of the film will take place in modern times, with an older character utilized as a framing device to tell a flashback story.

“It harkens back to the time when a woman couldn’t even get a credit card on her own. Couldn’t buy a house without the signature of a man. These are things that we’ve forgotten in modern times. It’s great to go back and remind us what it took to get here” she adds.