Dexter, “Merlin” Get Renewals

An official announcement is shortly expected confirming that Showtime drama “Dexter” has been renewed for a sixth season to begin airing late 2011 says The Hollywood Reporter.

Last Sunday’s episode, the tenth of twelve in the current fifth season, pulled in a season high of 2.5 million viewers – up 43 per cent from the fifth season premiere.

Back in 2008 Showtime renewed Dexter for two further seasons (fourth and fifth). A dual season renewal wasn’t made this time as cast contracts will expire at the conclusion of a sixth season (and thus will require a heavy round of renegotiations).

Meanwhile, The BBC are reportedly already in talks over a fifth season of family fantasy drama series “Merlin” as the show’s third season finale gets set to air this weekend in the UK reports ATV Today.

A month ago the network ordered a fourth season of the series to air in 2011. This fourth season however would be slightly shortened from the usual thirteen episode run to just ten episodes. Producer Julian Murphy revealed in an interview with SFX that the episode reduction was done due to budget issues.

However with that reduction, the broadcaster is already looking into ways of filling in the gap. Murphy says “We are now discussing the fifth series with the BBC, and I think it potentially preserves the programme for longer yes. There is talks of specials, there is talk about ways we can fill in the gap, but these are tough times for British broadcasters.”