Devlin Talks Rebooting “Stargate”

Back in the mid-1990s, the team of director Roland Emmerich and writer/producer Dean Devlin were responsible for two of the biggest sci-fi films of the period – “Stargate” and “Independence Day”.

Twenty years on, Emmerich delivers a sequel to the latter with “Independence Day: Resurgence” opening next week. Out doing promotional rounds for it, Devlin confirmed to Variety that the pair are turning their attention towards a reboot of, rather than a sequel to, the “Stargate” franchise. Speaking about how the idea for the reboot came together, he says:

“At the time that we made it, every single studio in Hollywood had told me that science fiction was dead… And Roland and I really love science fiction, so I think that’s partly why it worked and resonated. It wasn’t a cynical attempt to try and make something that was crowd-pleasing.”

He also confirms that the plan is to do what they originally intended with the film which was originally meant to be a trilogy. However:

“Because of what happened with the rights and changes at the studio and all kinds of strange things, we never got to do parts two and three.”

James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright, the duo behind ‘Resurgence,’ are penning the new films with Emmerich and Devlin spearheading production. Emmerich is still uncertain about whether or not he will officially direct:

“It’s not a story that can take place twenty years later. So the only way to really tell that trilogy is to go back from the beginning and start the story all over again…It was taken away from us, and it’s tough to have your children raised by other parents, even if they do a very good job. … For us, it’s not putting down what has been done. It’s to let us finish telling our story.”

No production or release date has yet been set for the reboot.