“Devil May Cry” To Be An Animated Series

Devil May Cry To Be An Animated Series

Netflix’s “Castlevania” executive producer Adi Shankar hinted the other week that he’s planning on an animated series adaptation of another video game property, one he’s been trying to do for years and the success of “Castlevania” has now allowed him to do it.

Today IGN has posted a report confirming what it is – Capcom’s “Devil May Cry” franchise. The new series will be a part of what Shankar dubs the ‘bootleg multiverse’ and he’s acquired the rights to the property himself so he can have full creative control.

“Castlevania” has proven not just a critical success but a popular one too with Shankar saying the recently launched second season “really overperformed” and “did crazy well” so that “we immediately got greenlit for Season 3”.

There‚Äôs no word yet on casting, writers, and where or when the series will air. Acclaimed comics scribe Warren Ellis (“Transmetropolitan,” “The Authority”) pens “Castlevania” so it’s expected another high profile comics author might come onboard for ‘Devil’.

The “Devil May Cry” franchise has sold 16 million units during its run with Capcom recently announced plans for an official fifth entry to launch March 8th.