Deus Ex Film More Cyberpunk, Less Game

One person who doesn’t want you to compare the upcoming live-action film adaptation of the “Deus Ex” video game series to others of its kind is the film’s co-writer Robert Cargill.

Cargill, who drew deserved raves for his work on the script of last year’s effective horror tale “Sinister,” is well aware of how bad previous film adaptations of video games have been.

Speaking at the San Diego Comic-Con last week, Cargill says he has confidence in this project because the game’s manufacturer have allowed he and his co-writer a lot more freedom than even he expected.

“It’s not a video game movie, it’s a cyberpunk movie. Eidos Montreal has given us a lot of freedom in terms of story; they want this movie to be Blade Runner. We want this movie to be Blade Runner. When people ask me if there’s ever been a truly good video game movie, I always say: ‘Yes, Mortal Kombat.’ And they say: ‘but that was 20 years ago.’ And I say: ‘Yeah, it was.'”

Source: Screen Rant