Details & Photos From Quantum Set

More photos and video are out at Bad Taste from the Garda Lake, Italy set of the upcoming James Bond film “Quantum of Solace”.

We already saw some scenes last week of shooting in Siena where Daniel Craig climbed a gutter pipe in hot pursuit of someone.

They’re now shooting a spectacular car chase along the Gardesana, a famous and beautiful road around the biggest lake in Italy, which will serve as the film’s opening sequence.

“They closed the road and mounted some cameras on some Aston Martins to do some camera car. The scenes involved 40 stuntmen (half italian and half european stuntmen), six doubles of Daniel Craig, many Aston Martin DBS (we published a video of the camera-car) and a Black Alfa Romeo 159 (a famous Italian Car), which was the Bad Guy’s Car.

The scene goes for 15 minutes and we see a spectacular car chase, a tremendous crash and then a gunfight. This scene is being helmed by second unit director Dan Breadley. Shooting will continue around Garda Lake until April 25th and then move to Carrara until May 13th where they’ll film some important scenes in the very famous quarries of marble with a flying camera.”