Details On Tom Hardy’s “Episode VIII” Role

One of the most unexpected appearances in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is one that everyone had to be told about – Daniel Craig. The actor appears as a stormtrooper codenamed JB – 007 in Rey’s interrogation scene in the film, and is one of several notable stars to also cameo as stormtroopers.

Today, a new report at Making Star Wars indicates that “Mad Max Fury Road” star Tom Hardy will be doing the same in Rian Johnson’s currently in production “Star Wars: Episode VIII”. In fact they have details as to his role which will help you pick out which one he is, and it’s a throwaway fun scene from the sounds of it:


– Tom Hardy plays a First Order stormtrooper.
– Said stormtrooper glimpses FN-2187 on a secret mission but doesn’t realize it.
– The ‘incognito’ FN-2187 is surprised when the stormtrooper walks up behind him and slaps him on the ass.
– FN-2187 turns around and believes he’s dead. He’s surely going to be captured.
– The stormtrooper is elated to see his old friend from back during their First Order academy days.
– The stormtrooper congratulates FN-2187 on his promotion to Resistance infiltrator and spy.
– FN-2187 is free to go about his business to his amazement.

The cameo from Hardy has yet to be confirmed, and if true we won’t be seeing that action until next December.