Details On Third “John Wick” & TV Series

“John Wick Chapter 2” writer/director Chad Stahelski has been working on a prequel series for television, but the project remains in early development and so it seemed a more ‘pie in the sky’ hopeful idea than anything else.

In a new interview with Indiewire though, it sounds like things have been making progress though with Stahelski confirming it will be called “The Continental” and will focus on the worldwide chain of hotels catering to assassins that define the John Wick universe.

Stahelski says the plan is to very much widen the scope of this universe, though it’s not yet confirmed if it will be a prequel as yet:

“I like telling stories from my one character’s perspective. Once you put that aside with the TV show, [you can] expand to all the different characters and follow them throughout their journey.

You can be with the consigliere, concierge, the sommelier — you can be with all these different characters and walk through the world in different aspects; ones that I’m a little limited [from exploring] by staying with my lead guy.”

Stahelski says he thinks Keanu Reeves will make an appearance: “I think that’s part of his thing, [But the series] isn’t centered around John Wick.” Stahelski will serve as showrunner, though writing and directing duties will be mostly handled by others – he does hope to helm a few though.

As for the third film in the series, Stahelski tells The Independent that they’re in development and it will close off the cliffhanger left by the second film’s ending:

“We are going to put in something about the High Table, how that all works. We’re going to put in something about where John comes from, and where he wants to go. I don’t want to say too much more, but it will be a nice completion to Mr. Wick’s journey.”

Neither the series or third film currently have a release date.