Details On The Original “Fantastic Four” Script

In the wake of the flop of the “Fantastic Four” reboot, new detail about original scribe Jeremy Slater’s script for the film have emerged over at Birth Movies Death and reveal a far more ambitious and exciting sounding project than the one we ended up with on screen.

Simon Kinberg rewrote much of the screenplay which had to be cut right back due to budgetary concerns, a shame as the draft certainly was not lacking in ambition. According to the site, the story included such major highlights as:

– Victor Von Doom feeding Reed’s research to spies from his homeland of Latveria.

– The ‘Quantum Gate’ is actually a space-time rip and on the other side isn’t a wasteland but an alien city filled with skeleton skilled in some cataclysm.

– Exploring it, they discover Galactus who chases them and the Dark Matter he fires from his hands strikes the Quantum Gate – the creation hitting the four key team members. Victor meanwhile seems to have been killed beforehand by a blast of the Dark Matter.

– Four years on, the Latverian government is using the information Victor fed them to create their own Quantum Gate. They succeed, but the first team is killed and the only returnee? Victor Von Doom who is now made entirely of Dark Matter and takes over the country almost immediately.

– Dr. Elder, who has been previously introduced, gets Moloid juice on him at this point and is transformed into Mole Man. At the same time a Moloid gets injected with dark matter and becomes a monstrous being the four have to fight.

– Victor builds a giant Dark Energy cannon which he intends to use to destroy Galactus as he’s been forced to become Galactus’ herald and help him find a new world to eat – Earth. But Von Doom intends to destroy Galactus before that can happen.

– The final battle in Latveria reveals that Doom is actually a ‘Doombot’ with the real Victor physically attached to the planet in the Negative Zone and has sent tendrils of his being to Earth. The film ends with the Fantastic Four preparing the Earth for the coming menace of Galactus.

You can read the full description at Birth Movies Death which contains a bunch more details.