Details On Tarantino’s “Hateful Eight” Trailer

Following the news last week that a teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming western “The Hateful Eight” would hit cinemas with “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” this week, a description of said trailer has gone online over at Collider.

As filming hasn’t begun, there’s understandably no footage. Instead there’s text and graphics which give a break down of the characters and their nicknames:

Major Marquis Warren: “The Bounty Hunter”
John Ruth: “The Hangman”
Daisy Domergue: “The Prisoner”
Chris Mannix: “The Sheriff”
Bob: “The Mexican”
Oswald Mobray: “The Little Man”
Joe Gage: “The Cow Puncher”
General Sandy Smithers: “The Confederate”

The clip itself opens on snow dunes as a western-style ballad plays. The title cards indicates strangers have been stranded together in a blizzard, and “they soon discovered they shared a deadly connection”.

Up comes “The New Film by Quentin Tarantino,” followed by that character list above, then bloody numbers, the tagline “8 MAKES HATE” and more gunshots turning into “The H8Ful Eight,” the tag “See It in Glorious 70mm (Super Cinemascope)” and finally a 2015 date.

The Weinstein Company has no official plans to put the trailer online, though a bootleg could well hit Youtube over the weekend.