Details On Shankman’s “Nutcracker”

Talking with EW, filmmaker and choreographer Adam Shankman says his new film adaptation of the classic tale “The Nutcracker” will NOT involve any ballet.

“There are some celebrations in the story and there could be dancing at the celebrations, but other than that, no. It is absolutely not going to be a full-on ballet. No ballet.” The film instead is going back to E.T.A. Hoffmann’s book which inspired the famed Tchaikovsky ballet and recrafting it into a pacier mold.

“It hasn’t been told in the same vein as these new action-adventure fairy tale films, and yet it is definitely an action-adventure story. I didn’t want to do it if it wasn’t that concept… .And we are going back to the original story too, because the ballet actually was a bit of a departure. So I am going back to the darker more action/adventure version. More like Snow White and the Huntsmen, [the Johnny Depp] Alice in Wonderland. It is in that vein.”

He adds that he wouldn’t do it as a musical or as a dance piece because “it’s been done too much and too well.”