Details On Next Year’s 24

Executive Producer Howard Gordon spoke candidly with iF Magazine last night at Fox’s Summer Press Tour about what to expect from Season Seven.

Most interesting is some candid talk about the abandoned Africa-set storyline that was being followed until a fortnight ago.

The original plan was to have Jack Bauer travelling Africa trying to find himself, and becoming caught up in a coup with “Black Hawk Down” style results. There was also to be a 12-hour time jump halfway through, with the second half set in the US.

The actual season seven story they’re using is set three years on from the sixth season, and will be set entirely in and around Washington DC (though possibly New York) starting from 7am.

The female President (Cherry Jones) will have already been established as being in office for a while when events kick off. She will have no link or knowledge of Jack initially, and will be in the David Palmer mold of a “well-articulated and idealized president.”

Shooting will still take place around Los Angeles except for a few scenes to be shot on location. The CTU set will likely become the Washington bureau of the FBI.