Details On “Logan” Blu-ray, Noir Re-Release

Details on the “Logan” Blu-ray have been released with word that there’ll also be a limited edition version being sold at Walmart.

The film’s disc set will include the “Logan Noir” black-and-white edition of the film along with 90 minutes of bonus material, including deleted scenes and a making-of documentary, and audio commentary from director James Mangold.

Those who buy the limited-edition Walmart version will also get a nine-poster set commemorating Jackman’s seventeen years playing Wolverine with one for each film he’s played the role in.

“Logan” will be released on 4K, Ultra HD and Blu-ray on May 23rd and follows on from the movie earning $604 million at the global box office. The “Logan Noir” version is also getting a one night only theatrical re-release with tickets and location details now available at