Details On Jaimie Alexander’s “Thor 2” Injury

A few months ago came word that actress Jaimie Alexander had injured herself whilst on the set of “Thor: The Dark World.” Details however were scarce other than it was serious enough that she couldn’t work on the film for a few weeks.

Now, in a recent interview, she has revealed just how extensive those injuries actually were:

“It was raining, it was dark outside, it was like five in the morning – and I went down a metal staircase, slipped, and slipped a disc in my thoracic spine and chipped eleven of my vertebrae. I knocked my left shoulder out of place and tore my rhomboid on my right side. It took me out of filming for a month. I’m walking in heels again though, so that’s a good sign.”

While the film’s shooting schedule has been shifted around, it reportedly has not had an impact on her character Sif’s screen time.

Source: The New York Post