Details On First “Bruno” Footage

The first footage from Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Bruno” screened over the weekend at the SXSW Film Festival and over here has posted up an extensive report on the footage.

Here’s some select quotes from the report that prove this to be just as, if not more controversial than “Borat”:

First clip – A montage of Bruno interviewing parents for a planned photo shoot he wants to do with babies:

“Bruno asks one woman how much her daughter weighs. “30 pounds. Approximately,” she emphasizes when she sees Bruno react. “Well, I tell you… we are not looking for the new Scarlett. We are looking for the new Nicole Ritchie. Cheekbones. Do you think your daughter could be persuaded to lose ten pounds or so?”…”

“Without missing a beat, Mom responds, “In seven days? Yeah. Yeah, I think we can do that.” “If she can’t drop it, would you consider letting us do a little liposuction to fine-tune things?” “Sure. I think that would work,” she says…”

“Yes, she’s going to be dressed as a tiny Nazi soldier, and she’ll be pushing another baby, dressed as a tiny Jew, in a wheelbarrow, pushing it right into an oven. How do you feel?” Again… Mom doesn’t even hesitate. “Well, as long as she booked the job”…”

Second clip – Bruno decides to go on a talk show, in front of a crowd of mostly African-American Texans, to talk about life as a single parent:

“One woman asks how he can be a single father if he didn’t have a wife, and he explains that he adopted. He decides to go get the baby to introduce him to the audience. Real baby. Dressed in a belly shirt that reads “Gayby.” And a leather wristband…”

“Bruno explains that he “swapped” for the baby, giving the mother an iPod for her troubles. When people scream at him, he defends himself by saying, “It was a really nice iPod, though, from the gift basket at the MTV Europe Music Video Awards.”…”

“He tells them he spent $40,000 on a photo shoot, and they should look at the photos for themselves. I think my favorite is the one with Bruno’s baby crucified, just like Jesus, with a bunch of babies dressed as Roman centurians milling about below him…”

Third clip – Bruno, reinventing himself as the single most heterosexual person in the world ‘Straight Dave’, holds a cage match in front of a drunk mob against his gay former assistant. After a fight which the crowd is into, the pair suddenly stop, make out and start going for it:

“I’ve never seen a crowd react like that. If they could have gotten into that cage, they would have killed those two. People seem to be having actual mental collapses as they watch these two guys start to strip each other’s clothes off, kiss each other’s bodies….”

“Chairs and beer and glass and anything not bolted down all get thrown into the ring. People try to climb the fence to get in. It’s chaos. It’s the Rodeo sequence in “Borat” times 100….”

The complete report has loads more and is an incredible read, check it out over here.