Details On “Charmed” Reboot Characters

Casting breakdowns for the upcoming reboot of the TV series “Charmed” have been released at TV Line, showcasing the new takes on the three witch sisters at the heart of the series – Macy, Mel, and Madison Pruitt.

Macy is a witty, intense science nerd in her late 20s with a Ph.D. in quantum physics and the power of telekinesis. Mel Pruitt is a mid-20s strong-willed feminist and lesbian who feels deeply and pushes others away in the wake of a tragic accident – she also can freeze time.

Finally, there’s Madison, an athletic 18-year-old college student pledging a sorority and has the power of telepathy. Casting is also underway for Harry, their advisor, along with Macy’s documentary filmmaker-boyfriend Gavin and Madison’s “sensitive” ex-beau Brian.

Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin penned the reboot and will executive produce alongside Jennie Urman, Brad Silberling and Ben Silverman.